Part of every company’s goals is Employee Welfare and Engagement to avoid attrition and to keep the employees happy and working at their best potential which will in turn make the business more successful. According to, there is only 1 in 4 UK businesses that has a wellness program. This is a very low percentage considering there are a lot of businesses in the country. And those that have wellness programs but with very shallow purposes, this is what Ben Willmott, head of public policy in CIPD, said: “Employers who invest in wellbeing need to look at their broader organizational culture first, including leadership, values, and how managers are developed and supported to manage people in the right way. Wellbeing should support this, but if it’s just treated as a bolt-on it wouldn’t be surprising for interventions to be ineffective.” Employers really have to be sincere on implementing this kind of programs or in the end their money will just be wasted.

With Wellness Now LLC Corporate Wellness programs, companies can take care of their employees better. The programs’ purpose really center on prevention and health risk reduction in the company, keeping employees in a positive mental state and providing their needs to improve their over-all well being. Wellness Now LLC also offers a social wellness website where all employees will be registered and they inspire each other by sharing their stories, just like Facebook. In detail, Wellness Now, LLC corporate wellness programs include:

Wellness Seminar – Employees will be gathered for a 1 to 3-hour seminar on a specified topic selected by Human Resources of the company based on preferred topics of employees and this will be conducted by Wellness Now LLC’s certified health and wellness professionals. This can be simple but very helpful things like “What to eat in the office”, “How to manage stress” or even “How to be healthy”.

Group Fitness Activities – Employees can enroll to different physical activities like Bootcamp, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Hip Hop Dancing, etc and it will be held inside the office premises. Wellness Now LLC will assign specific coaches and trainers per session.

Nutrition Consultations – Wellness Now LLC can also assign Nutritionists for the company to facilitate the nutrition consultations. Employees can book an appointment if they want to consult about proper diet, meal plans or weight loss tips.

Tobacco Cessation – For employees who wanted to quit smoking, we also have tobacco cessations sessions offered. This session will help encourage them to stop smoking and divert their attention to other better things to do.

Massage Therapy – Wellness Now LLC can deploy massage therapists for the company to which the employees can have a massage at designated times or even during their breaks or lunches.

A screening process will also be made for the employees that would determine the following.


Body Fat Percentage

Blood Pressure

Family Health History


Physical Activity


Stress, Anxiety and Depression

If you are the type of company that really cares for its employees, you should be getting our services. We can assure you that we provide the best corporate wellness program there is. It is our passion to help more people be better and feel better. We will support you in your endeavor to better your employees!

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