Wellness Now LLC is a group of Health and Wellness professionals with a common goal of sharing knowledge and expertise in improving health and over-all wellness of individuals and groups in Glasgow.

Our Coaches, Trainers, Nutritionists, Therapists and Psychologists are all certified and have undergone all relevant trainings to be highly qualified for their specific functions. We at, Wellness Now LLC group, offer a variety of services including Adult and Kids Nutrition, Weight loss programs, Personal Fitness programs, Corporate Wellness programs, Nutrition Education, Stress Management and many more.

Adult and Kids Nutrition – Every individual in each age group has a corresponding daily caloric requirement, may vary between males and females, children VS adults and regular physical activity. It’s not just a matter of achieving the correct number of calories but knowing what kind of food each one has to take in order to achieve optimal nutrition. Wellness Now LLC has a clear presentation on Caloric requirements per age group.

Weight loss and Personal Fitness programs – People nowadays, especially the ladies, are conscious with their figure and want to shed off fats. Wellness Now LLC offers different weight loss programs, which will include diets and exercise plans that are every easy to follow based on different body types.

Corporate Wellness programs – One of the main goals of every company is to take care of its employees. Wellness Now LLC offers different corporate wellness programs including consultations, group exercises and nutrition education to encourage employees to be healthy. We also have a social wellness site so that employees remained engaged and motivated.

Stress Management – Every individual has to go through the daily struggles of life and it may be very difficult at times so there is a need to manage stress. Wellness Now LLC will provide effective strategies to help achieve work-life balance.

Optimum health and over-all wellness are achievable if we do the work. We at Wellness Now LLC will help you achieve that! Check our programs and consult our professionals now to know more about what we can offer you!